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From the group today; if you’re interested in diversifying a bit and finding out more about the different poetic forms, have a look at Bob Newman’s Guide to Verse Forms at Vole Central.

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Why we write…

I just wanted to share this article, 9 Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn From These Beloved Classic Children’s Books, by Amanda Scherker at the Huffington Post. Reading it reminded me both why I write, and why I read. Learning how to live together and how to be happy are lessons we can really only absorb by sharing experiences and walking in each other’s shoes. Interestingly, I recently read another fascinating article in The Independent about how reading can not only achieve this in the moment, but also elicit that same cognitive function for days afterwards. It simply confirms for me the inherent value in literature, and the responsibility we bear for sharing constructively, even when addressing negative subjects.

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