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A different perspective

This article is interesting.  Whether or not you agree, it will get you thinking, and that’s usually a good thing.


The mystery of the cherry tree

For anyone interested in that story I was talking about today… here’s a link with slightly more detail than my sketchy mind:


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The Reunion

I’ve updated the work-in-progress pages with the chapters Mo and Irene sent me, if anyone wants to have a read how it’s going? I’ve left a space open to add any character/plot-tracking documents anyone has as well. Email me if you want anything adding.


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Something I came across on facebook which might be of interest….

This is a project to commemorate WW1 by writing a letter to the Unknown Soldier – the statue on Paddington Station who is reading a letter. They’ll be published on the website above on 28th June, and then eventually be archived in The British Library.

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