Top 10 Writing Mistakes Editors See Every Day


…because I have no idea how to link to it any other way! Someday I will learn how to use wordpress… someday.

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An interesting and helpful article on writing poetry – 10 top tips.

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The things I never knew about llamas…

…but thank goodness, Kameron Hurley is here to fill me in in this interesting article about the importance of writing misogyny out of our narratives and not just relying on thoughtless tropes.

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Poetry prompts from The Poetry Society

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New courses for Autumn on the Writing East Midlands Site

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Some competitions I came across on Facebook

I like what it says in the poetry one about people being worried about their poems: ” it’s as though they’re going to visit a fearsome auntie and they think they’re going to do the wrong thing or speak too loudly or knock something over.” I’m a bit like that with poetry!

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Is anybody out there… ?

If so, you may enjoy this short story that was recommended to me recently.





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