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Gladstone library

Some of you may know, I’ve been trying to find time to get away for a few days and visit the Gladstone library in Hawarden for, well, ages and ages. This week, I finally managed it and it’s amazing here, a book lover’s paradise. So, this is a virtual post card, a hello, and day twenty-one of my napowrimo marathon…


@the library #great

this, civilisation, is no TV;
is being left sachets of mint
and chamomile tea
is this continuing ability
to just be
is the smell of weathered beeswax polish
and the sound of a single page
turning; a silence
that tickles the back of your neck
and your soul




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Here’s the link for creating word clouds that many of you wanted…

Just paste in a load of notes you have, or a story, press go and it creates a cloud of words of different sizes based on how you have weighted them.

It’s a great perspective to have, once you get your list of observations from the homework (similar to day six at if you missed it).

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